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Over 2,000 web accessibility lawsuits happened in 2019.
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This is a list of our services with some explanation of how we can help you get to where you want to be.

Accessibility Audit

Websites must be usable by everyone, regardless of disabilities. Visitors expect websites to meet universal design principles and now the law has extended ADA to apply to website design. We can perform an audit of your website and PDFs to let you know what areas you are at risk. We provide a checklist of manageable action items to make your website accessible and help you avoid lawsuits.

Accessibility Implementation

Let us fix the accessibility errors with your website and PDFs. The implementation process is time-consuming and must be done accurately to prevent accessibility lawsuits. Let our expert team implement WCAG 2.1 guidelines to make sure your website is usable to everyone who visits your website. We work quickly and accurately to mitigate the risk of lawsuits for your company.

Onsite Training

Teaching your team members on accessibility best practices is the best way to ensure that your website and digital media is created with accessibility in mind. Our team offers half-day and full-day accessibility training sessions at your location of choice. Training includes accessibility education, best practices, workshops, and resources that empower your team to stay accessible and avoid lawsuits.

PDF Accessibility

If you currently have PDFs on your website or send out PDFs to customers, they are most likely inaccessible. 98% of PDFs that our team has tested are inaccessible. PDF documents must be correctly set up, tagged, labeled, and published to meet accessibility guidelines. Let our team review your PDFs for accessibility and make the necessary changes to make the documents usable for all.

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