Red Flags Software Solution Summary

  • Identity Theft Prevention Program Creation and Maintenance Module

    The purpose of the ITPP Creation and Maintenance Module is to provide a simple step-by-step procedure to create the entire process automatically. The major goal of the ITPP is to identify covered accounts within your business and the level of risk for each. Users are prompted to enter information and answer several questions; the module will then generate the ITPP within minutes. Whenever necessary, the ITPP can be modified or printed. This module should fulfill most of the obligations required of the Compliance Officer.

  • Employee Training Module

    The Employee Training Module is broken up into 2 sections; the Training Guide and the Exam. The Training Guide section is available in 2 versions; the PowerPoint Version and the Full Text Version (includes direct references to the FTC’s official documents). After a user has reviewed the Training Guide section, they should proceed to the second section of the Training Module which is the Exam. This Exam will test and grade a user’s knowledge of the material they reviewed in section 1. All Employees that will be screening Customers for the Red Flags must complete this module. The Red Flag Compliance Tool also has a very extensive documentation package that will allow users to become proficient with the tool in just minutes

  • Red Flag Compliance Tool

    The third and the most comprehensive feature is the Red Flag Compliance Tool. This tool has many functions, but its primary function is that it follows the intent of the FTC’s Red Flag Rules in its entirety. The primary purpose of the Identity Theft Prevention Plan is to “mitigate identity theft in the connection with the opening of a Covered Account”. The Red Flag Compliance Tool achieves this by giving each business the opportunity to resolve all relevant Red Flag Rules for each customer at the transaction level. The process as outlined in the official FTC documents is to obtain identifying information and confirm the identity of a person opening a Covered Account. The Red Flag Compliance Tool achieves this by utilizing Third Party Databases to obtain personal data relevant to several of the rules, and it can satisfy as many as half of the 18 rules automatically within seconds. Businesses can satisfy the remaining rules by clicking “Yes” or “No” answers to simple questions concerning the Customer. Once Users are accustomed to the process, they can completely verify a customer in less than 2 minutes. The information from each transaction can be stored and printed; it can also be used to generate reports to display the effectiveness of the Business's Identity Theft Prevention Program to Senior Management.

  • Red Flag Violation Notification Feature

    The final feature is the Red Flag Violation Notification System. The purpose of this feature is to notify Management by email that a compliance violation has occurred. This process will occur overnight so that all transactions from the previous day can be reviewed. These violations may be actual Red Flag Violations or some deviation in the process that may indicate a training issue. This process is designed to resolve the requirements from some of the remaining sections such as: “Administrating the Plan” and “Preventing and Mitigating Identity theft”.

News & Events

  • 26Jan

    Automotive News
    Vendor Don Pavoni of Infinity has an idea for helping dealers comply with 2009 Federal Trade Commission rules to combat identity theft. His finance-department software program flashes a red flag anywhere there is a potential compliance problem on a sales contract.

  • 18Dec

    Obama Signs Red Flags Bill
    The Red Flags Exemption law was passed to help define what organizations must comply with the Red Flags Rule. With the passing of this law, enforcement will begin January 1st, 2011.

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