• Product Comparison to FTC Regulations

    The FTC regulations are very specific about the rules and procedures necessary for compliance with the Red Flag Rules. Our product was created to meet these regulations and minimize the financial and intrusive effects of these regulations on businesses. For more information:

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  • Product Summary

    There are four modules that are part of the Red Flag Rule Compliance products. Each module provides specific functionality dealers need to be compliant with the FTC Red Flag Rules. For more information

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  • Red Flag Compliance Tool Features

    The most important module in the product is the Red flag Compliance Tool. This is the tool that does the actual detection of red Flags for each customer. for more informationclick here

News & Events

  • 26Jan

    Automotive News
    Vendor Don Pavoni of Infinity has an idea for helping dealers comply with 2009 Federal Trade Commission rules to combat identity theft. His finance-department software program flashes a red flag anywhere there is a potential compliance problem on a sales contract.

  • 18Dec

    Obama Signs Red Flags Bill
    The Red Flags Exemption law was passed to help define what organizations must comply with the Red Flags Rule. With the passing of this law, enforcement will begin January 1st, 2011.

Our Services

  • Complete Red Flag Identity Verification
  • Quick and easy Identity Theft Prevention Plan
  • Comprehensive OFAC Verification free of charge
  • Full Testing and Training module
  • Automated Discrepancy Report feature
  • Automated Adverse Action Letters
  • Risk Based Pricing Notices