About Infinity Compliance

Our Mission: The idea to form Infinity Compliance came from the realization that there was a niche market for inexpensive but functionally strong web-based products for businesses. Until the FTC mandated Red Flag Rules were published in late 2007, finding that market had turned out to be more difficult than we ever imagined. Once we had an understanding of what was necessary to satisfy the government requirements, we realized that this was the perfect opportunity for us to build a product that is the complete solution for any business that needs to be compliant with the Red Flags Rules without causing an unnecessary financial burden.

Our Team: The team that developed the Red Flag Compliance Tool product brought the skill set of having many decades of experience designing and implementing large computer applications. This includes several years of creating Web-based applications. Also included in the design were several members of the automotive industry that provided expertise and guidance during the development process. The final result, we feel, is the best and most complete Red Flag Compliance product available today.

About the Team

Don: President/CEO
Don has over 30 years experience building computer systems for many large businesses. Besides designing the Red Flag Applications, he has spent the last several years building Web-based and E-commerce applications for a major university.

Kevin: General Manager
Kevin has 25 plus years of professional experience in Information Technology. He has also designed and developed a large assortment of Business Applications for several large Corporations. His current responsibilities include marketing the Red Flag product to vendors that are projected to be under the umbrella of the law at the time of enforcement by the Federal Government.

Devin: Director of Operations
Devin has over 8 years of experience in the Automotive Industry. He has worked in one of the largest GM dealerships in the nation as a Systems Administrator. This experience lead to his next role as Director of Operations of a national Automotive Compliance company. Currently Devin handles most of the customer relations issues related to product support and general day to day activities. .

News & Events

  • 26Jan

    Automotive News
    Vendor Don Pavoni of Infinity has an idea for helping dealers comply with 2009 Federal Trade Commission rules to combat identity theft. His finance-department software program flashes a red flag anywhere there is a potential compliance problem on a sales contract.

  • 18Dec

    Obama Signs Red Flags Bill
    The Red Flags Exemption law was passed to help define what organizations must comply with the Red Flags Rule. With the passing of this law, enforcement will begin January 1st, 2011.

Our Services

  • Complete Red Flag Identity Verification
  • Quick and easy Identity Theft Prevention Plan
  • Comprehensive OFAC Verification free of charge
  • Full Testing and Training module
  • Automated Discrepancy Report feature
  • Automated Adverse Action Letters
  • Risk Based Pricing Notices