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New Feature- Risk Based Pricing Notices. Remember we also send Adverse Action Notices, starting at just $1.35 per notice.
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Consider This

Many business owners think they are compliant with the Red Flag Rules because a Compliance company or an expert charged their business several hundred dollars for an Identity Theft Prevention Plan (ITPP) that they can file in a drawer.

However, that is not what the Red Flag Rules are about. The FTC is very adamant that the purpose of the Red Flag Rules is to prevent identity theft at the time of the transaction. To be compliant, businesses must have a process in place in these 6 areas: Policy, Training, Detection, Prevention, Mitigation, and Audit.

If your Program does not have a policy in place in each of these 6 areas, then the program that your business has adopted is NOT complaint.

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Our software has the following features that will keep your business compliant:
Complete Red Flags Verification, Comprehensive OFAC check, Robust Reporting Module, Optional driver's license scanning, Daily Red Flags Violation notification, Easy tracking of Customers, Employee training, secure storage of sensitive information, 7 year retention of information, automated Adverse Action Letter generation, and Risked Based Pricing Notices.

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Our Goal

  • At Infinity Compliance, our goal is to help businesses comply with the new FTC Red Flag Rules. Our cutting edge software offers the most comprehensive and least expensive solution to ensure all government mandated requirements of the Identity Theft Prevention Plan are fulfilled.

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  • Are you in one of these industries?
    Automotive Sales, Insurance, Finance, Credit, Utility, Telecommunications, Municipality- then you need to be compliant now!


  • Low Cost: Our Red Flags software has the lowest startup and monthly costs of any other solution on the market.
  • Easy To Use: With a quick and simple installation, most users can become productive in minutes. The software is intuitive with a short learning curve.
  • Written ITPP: More then just an overpriced piece of paper that will take hours to complete and then be forgotten about, our Identity Theft Prevention Plan (ITPP) creation tool will prompt Businesses for the required information to generate a program.
  • Training: Our training module provides a quick and simple way to train and test any relevant employees. Also included is a simple way to monitor who has completed the training, when that training was completed and the score achieved on the exam.